Using the cartoons

Details of my cartoon re-use licences are below. Unfortunately with the site being down I don’t currently have the means to accept payments – please go ahead and use the cartoons and purchase a licence when the site returns – thank you.

For Churches, non-profit organisations, non-profit publications (Circulation limit 3000)

*Use a single cartoon, photocopyable cartoon worksheet, project one cartoon or print one OHP acetate
£3.00 (Approx $5.29 USD)

*Unlimited use of all resources in church publications for one year: cartoons, cartoon worksheets, licence to make acetate copies or project cartoons using a video projector, clipart for service sheet covers
£35.00 (Approx $61.66 USD)

How to order
There are normally two ways to order a cartoon usage license: online or by post. Please see the note at the top of the page.

For a commercial or academic use license or for publications with a circulation greater than 3000

Please contact me for an individual quote. Please note that books that will be for sale are counted as a commercial use even if produced by a charity. Please ask if in doubt.

To use images on your own website or blog

If you’re a blogger you can use an occasional cartoon on your own personal blog provided:
1) You host it on your own server
2) You post a link to this site

If you would like to use a cartoon on any other website please ask about doing so. Please note that any unauthorised publication on web pages constitutes an infringement of copyright.