The peace


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4 thoughts on “The peace

  1. Recently whilst visiting a Cathedral (that shall remain nameless… for the time being anyway!)
    The dean said in the communion service “We shall now offer one another a sign of peace”. Some of the visitors not knowing what on earth this was all about, as no brief explaination on the service sheet or from the dean was given, looked bemused at each other whilst one, smiled at all around him and did the seventies 2 finger peace sign 🙂

  2. In our church choir we routinely give those whom we cannot physically reach the 2 finger peace sign…Is this disrespectful? We are in the states….

  3. As a youth worker my vicar had made a comment of my singleness before the service, during the peace I was given a full on kiss on the lips from a woman similar age to myself.. I was left gobsmacked, and to this day I have no idea of who she was.

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