CartoonChurch site mirror

Apologies – CartoonChurch is broken again. In the meantime there are some cartoons on this site, or a mirror of the site can be found here. The cartoon category menu doesn’t work, but subscribers should be able to find cartoons to use. Sorry once again.

Help required with WordPress

I could do with some help making my WordPress websites work. It is complicated. I’d ideally like someone I have had some contact with to do the work – see below.

Summary of current situation (the main problem with this whole process is explaining it to anyone):

I am trying to move my cartoonchurch site and old blog from old web host to new web host. (New web host is Godaddy – they have done a brilliant job for me over the years. I know, everyone wants me to host with them, but I’m sticking with what I know works.)

Current progress. CartoonChurch site successfully set up on new web host at (not actual address obviously)

Blog. I’d like to add the posts from the old blog,, (doesn’t work, but the WordPress backend does) and add them to my current personal site,

Using the export function I have exported the posts from the old blog (1733 posts), and imported them into a test site containing my new blog posts (66 posts). I have ended up with 1353 posts in total, so it clearly hasn’t worked. I have tried re-exporting and re-importing. Also only the categories from the new blog show up on the test site, though the ones from the old blog exist in the dashboard. I want to make it all work on the test site before trying it on the actual blog.

Once I have moved the blog posts I can think about changing the domain over to the site on the new web host. I will need help with the DNS records as I don’t understand how to make them point to the new site at

If you can help me let me know via, or on Twitter. I’d probably like someone who I have communicated with (real life, or on Twitter etc) and know something about to do the work, rather than someone I’ve never heard of as it will require access to my sites and I really need this to not be messed up. If you can let me know how much you think it will cost to do this that would be great.